Fasten up your seat belts and start the journey of a thrilling ride through a modish city.

Extend to the heights of city skyscrapers and get ready to touch the ultra-wide sky.

Experience the flash of heart-stirring arena and chase the andrenaline rush as you encounter a surprise at the end.


The time has come to flaunt your martial art moves with lethal weapons. Explore a fantasy game world brought with 3D immersive technology and an innovative combat system that throws you into a heart pounding fight.

Unleash deadly special action attacks and perfect shots that deliver a grizzly end to one who dare to battle against you in war.

Fight Club

Step into an unprecedented brave combat experience to become a legendary fighter.Develop your endurance,level up your abilites and equip powerful boosts to create your own unique fighting style.

Get ready with tactical actions,swing your fists,fierce punches,use perks and kick to knockdown formidable opponent.